Fear can work a number on us! But, we often experience the most fear when we are faced with letting something go. I remember when my favorite shorts ripped in the dryer. Well, to be honest, they ripped because they had so many holes in them, but I was devastated. I had held on to those shorts for years. They were so comfortable and in fact, I have not found another pair of shorts like them. This is why letting stuff, and even people, go is so hard. It’s the fear of not being able to replace what we had, even if what we had wasn’t good. We hold on with every ounce of strength we have sometimes until it rips beyond repair. But in those cases, it was by force and not by choice. Can I challenge you to make the choice to allow some things to die in your life? Bypass the necessity of something being forced away from you. Whether it is habits, mindsets, relationships, or friendships, if it is unhealthy or toxic, let it go.

Jesus prophesied his own death. We know that his death was not a typical death. His death brought power, authority, and new life! Yet, he spoke death. Jesus understood that His death was necessary so that we could live. We would not have grace without it. The power of life and death are in our words. We’re always told about the power of speaking life, but at times, there is power in speaking death. Sometimes we have to speak death to what’s wrong, so God can resurrect into what is right! Take some notes from Jesus and speak death to the things in your life that need to experience death. Stop holding on. No more resuscitating and giving life to what is wrong. Let it go, so what is right can live! #WinterHarris